subprime car loan customer No credit car loans might not be as rare as you may think. They do happen....and more often then you may believe. They can happen to you as well.

How??? Well, has many resources in place with our network of approved car dealerships. Together we work as a team for you and can deal with customers of all credit types, even ones with no credit or bad credit.


You may have heard this term in the past - "sub-prime”. The term seems to get 'bad press' but simply put it is another way of saying that the credit levels involved are less than perfect. Not so scary is it?

By using our network of approved car dealerships we have more resources at our desposal that can give sub-prime car buyers the same customer service experience as everyone else. This means that if you have no credit or bad credit, you will not be treated with less enthusiasm as a customer with perfect credit. You still are treated as an equal.

No credit? No worries. Just apply. It only takes a few minutes and you could be in a new to you vehicle very quickly.

Once you’re approved, you can shop for a car like a cash buyer, because you have arranged for financing before you ever arrive at the dealership. It’s that easy.


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